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It is the responsibility of the player to be knowledgeable of the rules and to stay updated if the rules are changed.
If any rule is broken, that player or offending party will be punished as specified in this document or under the discretion of an administrator.
Screenshare Verified staff reserve the right to screenshare at any time, for any reason. Refusal to screen share, no matter the excuse, will result in the punishment indicated in this document.

Respect All Players 

All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a friendly, respectful manner.

Respecting players means that players should not create negative experiences for other players.
We will allow up to 5alts allowed, but anymore than that will be punishable with a temp ban -> using your alts whilst one is banned will mean IP ban for 1 week.

To check our global rules check our document, [LINK]
Our staff have the right to decide what punishment will be served depending on the severity off the rule broken. If you think you have been falsey accused you can create a ticket or via our Discord

Mute -> Kick -> Tempban - > Ban

Our factions rules can be seen via our document below,
*Rules will be changed at any point during the season*
It is the resonsiblity of the player to check them daily.

Allowed Modifications

Allowed Mods List:

  • Optifine                                                      * Replay Mod

  • Toggle Sneak                                           * Armor HUD

  • Potion HUD                                              * Direction HUD

  • WayPoints Mod                                      * Shaders

  • Better Animations                                 * 5Zig 3.3.6+ / JustPvP

  • Full Bright                                                 * Autoclicker (non-malicious)

  • Rei's MiniMap (No Radar)                    * LabyMod 2.6+

  • Gamma                                                       * Lunar Client

  • Cosmic Client                                          * Badlion Client

  • Schematica                                               * Printer